Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Questioning your faith


I'm having a hard time with your death. It's not something that has encompassed every waking moment... we only knew each other breifly. Perhaps it is because life is such a beautiful thing. We can't wrap ourselves its enormity. Everyone gets to have some part of this experience. I guess its when I feel someone gets cheated--that I have a real problem with it. There is so much flagrent disregard floating in the wind, like a subtle plague. It spreads and screw a lot of things up. All we can do as people is rebel against the world that would turn us into callous, radical repiblical assholes with chips on our shouldiers.

So why would God take you? Surely it was not to remind me "how good I have it." Not some memorial in vain. I know what i have. You should have had more. Why would my God do this? I am not at rest.

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Anonymous said...

I'm stumped...what does repiblical mean?