Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today I was PISSED. Not everything went wrong today. I guess I still have my health and I didn't have to bury an animal. Some of today I spent worried... worried about things I thought I could control. Is my job going away? Will I be replaced by freckle-faced nitwits? Who is looking after my family's best interests? How is my house getting clean and WHO is paying for this party?
Why can't I get into my house and why are the dishes stacked as high as yesterday... after 2 hours of processing the old ones?

Boil... feel the anger build up... clenched fists... clenched teeth....

Why is the macaroni burning? How can burned macaroni ruin a steel pot? The cat meows every 10 seconds for food...again.

Today--around 10:00PST I broke the threshold of "asshole."

I can't consider that I "acted out", but we can say factually that I did chuck one burned pot into the back yard and one houseguest did sleep in an alternate berthing location.

I was on fire. I was locked out of my house when I returned home from work... again. The housework had manifested itself. Again.

What do you do when you get so mad you could break someones joints? You smile, and clean the bathroom. So that's what I did. I listened to :Throwdown:" on my Ipod and dismantled the bathroom.

No pictures. Just venting.

What do you do when you want to break joints?


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

We've all been there, man. Don't be too hard on yourself. Or your kitchenware. Or the people you love.

It's all about accepting that it's going to pile up sometimes, and you have to find a way to safely offload it that doesn't hurt anyone else. Raging to music works. Or sledgehammering surplus furniture. As does whacking the shit out of a couple of baskets of golf balls. In college, I used to go out to the football field and kick field goals until my felt like it was going to come off.

Then it passes, and all is OK again. Such is the circle of line.

So, hakana fucking mutata, my friend.


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Circle of LIFE. Jesus wept.


Tahsha Renee said...

Hello Scotty...wow you sound like you had QUITE the blow up..but THAT'S life..sometimes you smile and sometimes you throw pans that got ruined with mac and cheese...Your STILL amazing and loved!!! :)

Hey my "word verification" thing on her has WTF in it..lol! lol!

Tahsha Renee

Tahsha Renee said...

Okay so how do I find my url thingy so I can put it on my myspace like you did?