Saturday, July 5, 2008

Are you comfortable?

Hi. My name is Scott. I was born in Portland, Oregon.

In my early 20's, I tried out for the United States Marine Corps. I didn't end up playing any "varsity" sports in high school; but my recruiter assured me that my athletic medicoraty was not a predisignator for my military service. They were right. 3 months later, I lost 43 lbs, learned to shoot, move communicate, command and follow. I became an instrument. I knew this was what I had become. I had forgotten sorrow and grief. I had forgotten fear and jealousy. I did not stutter. I did not falter. I fired straight--very straight. I burned paths through rain, through dust and heat. I burned paths through exhaustions and dehydration. I cried.

No one here has forgotten that I have served. To me, It's no big deal. Sure, its a lot of discomfort at first--but if you play your cards right--its not intolerable. Our freedom is not an accident. Ask the gentlemen that were recently recovered from the Colombian jungle.

Korea, 9/11, Guadalcanal--offensive or defensive. We are here and free because we cannot be taken lightly. Enjoy your prayers and enjoy your porn. Perfect armies will eventually crumble. The good life cannot last too long. Thank those who have fought. Better yet--if you are not too old, go try it for yourself. You just might find yourself fulfilled.


ReesePie said...

i love you baby and am thankful for your service.

Scott said...

i am thankful for your cervix! Make sure to take your folic acid, my little baby-cannon.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

I'm grateful for military service. I just wish military culture didn't go with it. My hometown, which has a Navy submarine base and a Navy shipyard, is full of testosterone-poisoned dick-swingers who beat their wives and get arrested for DUIs and impregnate teenagers. I just wish they could turn off the aggression when they're off the clock. It has the effect of invalidating all the good they do when they're ON the clock.